Snowy Night in NYC

Its one of those nights where all I want to do is watch TV. I wont be publishing any code tonight. But just to let you know, this weekend there is a Software Engineer 101 Webcast this weekend (Feb 27)? If not and you want to add something extra to your arsenal the sign up here.  A sample from the overview is below which is from the Microsoft site in the link. See you there, now go code!

“This is a one-day, FREE event focused on core skills that modern developers need to have to be successful today.  This isn’t about learning the basics of Silverlight, WPF, or, rather, this conference will help you understand how to build software that is better designed, more maintainable, and more testable. “


One thought on “Snowy Night in NYC

  1. Hi Oliver,

    sry for the off toppic comment, but i really wanted to say thx for your understandable MVVP for dummies Article @Codeproject. it helped a lot, as i gotta start coding wpf.

    Thx again, and greetings from frankfurt, germany.

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