Hi, my name is Alfie and I am a Senior Software Developer living in NYC. Life is very fast pace here and one can easily be drowned out by the every loud and resonating voice of individualism that most New Yorkers seem to foster. Nonetheless, I love it here for New York to me, is the only City with a Soul. Yes, it may be dirty, obnoxious, crass, salacious, self-serving with little or no compassion for “bottom feeders”, yet, for some weird reason, it can be good for you. Why you ask? Because what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and I have become a stronger individual because I live here. You see, this place that many call a melting pot is really a laboratory where natural selection is an ongoing experiment.

Being a programmer here is like being in the carnival and your main act is to walk the tight rope. This figurative rope is your job. It is not very stable and at the point where you start out is your boss helping you along by shoving you – they tend to call this, hitting the ground running. Then at the opposite end is also the same boss periodically throwing a random object your way expecting you to catch it and while remaining steady on the rope – this is synonymous to the many different things that he\she expects you to “juggle” while maintaining a clear head. Then at the bottom of the rope, guess who is there – your boss of course waiting for you to fall. Don’t think he\she is there to catch you. His\her only purpose is to wait for you to fail so that he can reprimand you like a 7-year-old even though you were performing at a rate that is not even superhumanly possible. But the job must be done and must get done, even if you have to break the most fundamental rule of physics and move faster than the speed of light. If you can relate then hopefully this blog will help you in some way.


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  1. Hey Oliver –

    Your blog articles are really helpful. I am a mid level developer and am currently stuck at a particular implementation of WPF MVVM. Is is ok if I can reach out to you through email. I just need some help with pointers/direction.

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