Code Bytes Series Intro

Code Bytes Series Intro

Today while on the F train home from work, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have these short series of code segments called Code Bytes (as Sound Bytes) that get straight to the point with little or no explanation. Yes there will be gaps in your learning if you are new to the topic or technology in the post. But 90% of the time when I stumble upon or search for code samples online, I already know something about what i am looking for. Plus I think this will stimulate more comments and conversation amoung this blog’s users.

Please share your thoughts and check back soon for the first in the series of CB (Code Bytes).


Another Code Blog!!


Hi, this is another blog about coding in the .Net Framework. Why another blog you might ask? Well I love learning and I even though I may read a lot, I only seem to remember about 60% of what I read.

If you are a fan of the .Net Framework you will agree that it requires a lot of effort to keep up with the many Microsoft releases. For example, Silverlight is now in Beta 4 and I haven’t even mastered Silverlight 3.0. The Microsoft community releases a lot of tools that can simplify development yet many like me only seem to know of them when you step into an interview or in a blog where the author assumes that you know the tool and flashes around the acronym.

The primary aim of this blog is to post simple code samples that demonstrate how to get the job done with minimal effort. I am not a writer so don’t expect to see award winning writing here. I will do my best to explain language features, methodologies, patterns and practices, etc. in the most basic of words in hopes that YOU will provide valuable feedback.