Simple Tips To Help You Write Friendlier Code

Clean Code.

To paraphrase BJarne Stroustrop, Clean Code is elegant, simple and efficient and does one thing well. I particularly love this statement because it has always been a strong belief of mine. I will now attempt to go through a few simple every day checklist that can improve code readability and ultimately, maintainability.  

Tip #1: Identifiers

Identifiers, functions, classes/interface, should have names that are clear and concise. Most developers, including myself, love to write code late at night. This is when we can crank out our latest and greatest. But if you are like me, when you look at that same piece of art you cranked out a few weeks ago (or even the night before), you can hardly recognize what the variable call killSwitchForCat means. 

Below is a table of good and bad identifiers just to give an idea.

Bad Good
int w = dayOfMonth/7; // what is ‘w’ in the equation int week = dayOfMonth/7;  //Write what was intended
int l; // don’t know if this is 1 or lowercase L int length; // This is more easily identified and is even more searchable in Visual Studio

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